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“Working Together” for the future

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What Davenant have to offer DBP
Join the Davenant Business Partnership – Work with your future employees and customers today.

Our students are likely to have up to 20 jobs in a career lifetime and as many as 50% may be self-employed for the majority of their working lives.

Developing an enterprise culture and increasing student understanding of the business world in a practical and real way goes hand in hand with our school ethos and mission statement to ‘nurture mind, body & spirit’.

The school wants to work in partnership with companies and organisations that can help prepare our students for the working world in which they will live.

Through an exciting initiative, the Davenant Business Partnership programme (DBP), we have developed strong relationships with a range of companies, groups and organisations where all parties benefit. We want to continue to expand our links with our business community so that our students have a greater understanding of the world of work and the opportunities to experience work in a wider variety of business sectors.  We believe this will also help us to improve our curriculum delivery.

We are confident that our partners will also gain through this initiative. Davenant is a highly successful school with over 1100 students of whom more than 300 are in the Sixth Form. Our last Ofsted Report judged the school as “outstanding” in all categories and we are respected as one of the top comprehensive schools in the South East of England. We believe that we can offer opportunities for partners to develop their brand awareness and increase their profile, especially in the local community.

There will also be opportunities to positively interact with our students and their families. Companies and organisations in our partnership also have access to our facilities and expertise, particularly in the areas of sports, leadership training and modern foreign languages (MFL).

The Davenant Business Partnership is built around a core team of student Business Ambassadors who maintain and develop links with businesses, run events for those businesses and lead enterprise activities within the school. We believe that both our students and your business can benefit from working together in partnership.

During the past 18 months we have published two DBP Newsletters and held a number of events for our Business partners. Businesses have supported our Mock Interview programme, Careers Conventions, offered work experience opportunities, advertised vacancies, and much more through the partnership. This year we will launch our own Davenant Business Directory and hold a Business Breakfast in November as well as delivering a variety of enterprise activities and events throughout the year we also will help deliver an area  wide careers convention –which along with the other events, will be celebrated in our next newsletter.

Together we are working for the future of our students as well as business in the local community. Please join us.  

Chris Seward MA Headteacher