Healthy Schools Latest News - June 2015

"The Importance of Water"

The Youth Health Champions have been looking at the theme 'The Importance of Water' this term please see below some useful information and presentations.

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Youth Health Champions

The trip to Theydon Bois Primary

On Wednesday 11th December 2013 the Davenant Youth Health champions embarked on their first outing to the local primary school. This was Theydon Bois. As we arrived they were greeted at the door by the receptionist and escorted through the building. As we drew closer to the classroom we all grew anxious with anticipation. But then we were there, faced with primary school pupils aged from year 3 to year 6. So we got to work. We introduced ourselves to them and we were off.

It began with a simple game to get the pupils into a good mood. If we said a healthy food then the pupils would have to stand up but if it was not healthy then they would have to stay sat down. This activity informed us about their knowledge of healthy foods. Thankfully they got most of the foods right.

Then we moved on to the healthy diet plate. Again different foods were presented but this time the pupils had to tell us the food groups for a variety of foods. Their knowledge seemed to be good and they got the majority right. After that we met ‘Bob’ (aka James Wills). Bob is a generally healthy man who also likes many unhealthy snacks. More fruit and vegetables would help him more to stay fit. James played his part very well but did show off a little with his press-ups.

Finally, to end on a fun note we played a game of fruit salad. This is a game where there were four different types of fruit and when one is called out, the children who are that fruit have to swap places with each other. We believe that this went well and that all the children enjoyed it. That concluded our trip to Theydon Bois Primary School. We hope that they all learnt something from this experience and had fun while doing it.

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At the end of a long Christmas term the Youth Health Champions went to Theydon Bois Primary School to talk about healthy eating. We were accompanied by Mrs Lamb ( YHC co-ordinator) and Mrs Hayes. The preparation complete and all the necessary foods packed and painted ready to go, we made our way to the primary school by the minibus. The children were from years 4, 5 and 6. With a little bit of improvisation, we managed to get a question and answer session going and were pleased to find that the children had a very good understanding of healthy eating. After a little acting session from senior Youth Champion, James Willis portraying ‘clueless- on- health Bob’ (animation- courtesy of Tom Petty) made a lot of the children laugh! After a quick game of fruit salad, the session was done. I think this trip has been beneficial and great fun!

Tom Petty (Year 10)




News from Davenant – 1st Oct 2013

Alix Sheppard has just completed the training of the third cohort of Youth Health Champions which took place last week at Davenant Foundation School. This time, Davenant students joined with students from Passmores Academy in Harlow who were also involved in the three day training. This culminated in the level 1 Public Health examination.

The students enjoyed their time together and designed their first health campaigns which will take place over the following months. The aim is to encourage peer to peer education. Students are often more likely to listen to other young people about health issues such as smoking, healthy eating, binge drinking and taking cannabis.

At Davenant the new Youth Health Champions will visit all the classes in Year 7 and 8 with information about the dangers of smoking to coincide with the Stoptober national anti- smoking campaign. Of course this is a sensitive subject as their parents may well be smokers. Visual aids such as one month’s supply of phlegm help to get the important messages across. There will also be Assemblies and stalls with leaflets and information on a range of other health related issues.

Youth Health Champions do a fantastic job and develop many skills as they impart their knowledge and signpost young people to other sources of information and relevant organisations. Many at Davenant are hoping to progress on to Level 2 and achieve a GCSE in Public Health.

Please click here to view photos of the recent assembly held by Youth Health Champions




Level 1 examination in Public Health improvement – Level 1 award


Mental Health Issues and Bullying