The Careers Library is open every day for all years, breaks, and lunchtimes.  It is open after school and we welcome visits from parents/carers as well as our students.

We are very well resourced with information on all careers.

Mrs Ball offers interviews when she is not teaching and at breaks, lunchtimes and after school.

Mrs Williams provides administrative support for the Careers Area.

As an additional member of the "careers team" the school employs Ian
Woollams as an independent careers adviser. He works one day a week during term
time focusing on key decision times for young people throughout the school.
These key stages include year 9 options, progression from year 11 and also post
18 opportunities. During the lunch time period on that one day each week he is
willing to see students from all years needing advice and help on a "drop
in" basis. Family members are always welcome to attend interview times. He
is also available for information and guidance at all the parent evening
events planned by the school.

Here are some very useful links to help you decide the correct path to take in the future:-