Mission statement:

The leisure industry is both diverse and dynamic and is often referred to as the fastest growing industry world. As a result of this, the department believes that it is important students remain up to date with current developments within the leisure industry.

In 2016/17, the final year of our courses running, the aim of the Leisure department is for students to develop a clear understanding of the Leisure and Tourism industry and the implications that occur within the industry. This is done by focussing study around real life Leisure and Tourism organisations. All courses have a significant amount of coursework and the department is keen to promote the importance of independent learning.

GCSE Leisure and Tourism (AQA)

Curriculum content:

In year 11, students primary focus is their controlled assessment which contributes to 60% of the GCSE. The controlled assessment is based around an investigation into the facilities at a Sports and Entertainment venue within the local area. The remaining 40% of the GCSE comes from an exam which will be sat in the Summer of 2017 for the final time. The exam is made up of a variety of multiple choice questions, short and long written answers. The focus of exam is on a range of domestic and international destinations which include beach/seaside, city, National Parks and city. Students also carry out detailed work on the economic, environmental and social impacts of tourism on the host destination.


60% controlled assessment and 40% examination.

Year 11:

Unit 1: Understanding Leisure and Tourism destinations

Unit 2: The nature of Leisure and Tourism

A Level Leisure Studies (Edexcel)

Curriculum content:

In Year 13, students will study three units. Unit 4: Leisure in Action, Unit 5: Employment in Leisure and Unit 6: Current Issues in Leisure. Unit 4: Leisure in Action is a practical unit where students have to plan and carry out an event of their choice. Unit 5: Employment in Leisure allows students to gain a thorough understanding of employment. Unit 6: Current Issues in Leisure allows students to investigate a current issue, such as the growth in the popularity of Festivals or the decline in the performance of elite teams in sport within the UK.


Two thirds of the course is assessed via coursework and one third is assessed via an exam.

Year 13:

Unit 4 – Internally assessed via coursework (60 marks)

Unit 5 – Externally assessed via exam (1 hour 30 minutes)

Unit 6 – Internally assessed via coursework (60 marks)