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About the Department

The art department place an emphasis on the acquisition of technical skill, drawing from direct observation, investigation and personal expression. Students are encouraged to analyse, solve and evaluate visual and intellectual problems. We aim to help students be self-motivated, gain confidence and develop and initiate through working in a stimulating studio environment.

Art & Design K.S.3

At Davenant we recognise the importance of providing a varied and broad art & design curriculum. The KS3 schemes of work give all students the opportunity of exploring a range of approaches, skills, materials and techniques. Indeed, Art is inspirational and highly valued at Davenant Foundation School and we believe that the development of creativity as well as visual awareness is an essential part of growing up. Students are encouraged to explore and develop their ideas, experiment and investigate materials and techniques, analyse works of art and evaluate their progress.

In year 7, 8 & 9 the main topics covered are 3D clay construction, painting and drawing and printmaking. Students use a sketchbook to record and develop their ideas. They have 2 lessons a fortnight taught by specialist teachers.

To support the development of their creative and imaginative skills individual workshops take place on a regular basis after school.

Art & Design K.S.4

Art is increasingly popular as an examination subject at Davenant. We offer GCSE Art & Design (OCR syllabus). The GCSE is a general course which offers the students the possibility of working in the following areas - drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, 3d design and ceramics. The course covers two projects and an exam, (with approximately 8 weeks of preparation time). One project is submitted for coursework assessment. All the projects give the students the opportunity to build on strengths and experiment with different materials. Davenant artists have had remarkable success at GCSE level.

We visit galleries and exhibitions to gain a wider understanding of art history and technique. Students are also encouraged to discover and explore a wide range of contemporary arts and cultural sources to enhance their own work and others’ experiences of it. Students are invited to work in the art studios at lunchtime and after school.

Art & Design K.S.5

We offer A Level Fine Art (Endorsed), OCR syllabus, at Davenant Foundation School. Students cover a range of disciplines over the two years. There is a good combination of two and three dimensional work, where students have the opportunity to explore drawing, painting, printing, sculpture and ceramics.

The year 12 course encourages breadth of study and in year 13 depth. Students are required to visit galleries, museums and artists’ studios in their own time, enabling them to develop an understanding of the Art world, concepts and to collect visual resources. One visit each year is organised by the art department. In year 13 students develop a critical study for which they research an area of art that interests them, exploring various concepts and approaches to the creation of art. Students present their findings in a 3000 word essay. Students’ practical work relates to the students own interests and usually makes links to the artists explored in developing their critical study.

Students are encouraged to explore their studies further in the art studios at lunchtimes, after school and in study periods. Independent learning is actively encouraged. Life drawing takes place after school in the Autumn or Spring term.