Government and Politics

At Davenant, Government and Politics is an A level option.  In Government and Politics, we encourage students to become actively involved in our political system as well as developing in-depth knowledge of how it works.  We are dedicated to delivering excellent lessons in which students participate in debates, presentations, peer teaching and regular news reviews.  We take students to the Houses of Parliament and Supreme Court as well as organise visits from members of the House of Lords.  We were also recently visited by Eleanor Laing, our local MP, would was very inspirational and willing to answer a wide range of questions from our students.

Edexcel AS Government and Politics:

Unit 1: Politics in the UK (Democracy, Political parties, Pressure groups and Elections)

Unit 2: Government in the UK (Constitution, Parliament, Prime Minister and Cabinet and the Judiciary)

In AS Government and Politics, students study how politics should work in the UK and what actually happens in practice.  They scrutinise the relationship between government and people as well as major political institutions in the UK.  Underpinning all study of politics is in-depth reviews of current news stories in order to assess the advantages and disadvantages of our political system.  AS is made up of 2 modules, each examined at the end of Year 12.  There is no coursework in Government and Politics and all modules are equally weighted.

Edexcel A2 Government and Politics:

Unit 3: US Representation and Democracy (Elections, Pressure Groups, Party Policies and Race and Ethnics Politics)

Unit 4: US Political system (Constitution, Congress, President, Supreme Court)

At A2, students study the American Political system.  They look at the representative processes of the US political system in order to assess the advantages and disadvantages of these processes.  Students also examine the institutional framework of US government and consider the interrelationships between Congress, President and Supreme Court and the health of US federalism.  As at AS, in-depth reviews of recent, relevant news stories will support all areas of study.  A2 is made up of 2 modules, each examined at the end of Year 13.  There is no coursework in Government and Politics.

Government and Politics is an academic A-level, widely respected by employers and universities.  The course gives students an understanding of the contemporary world and so is relevant to careers in journalism, law, economics, international relations, the Civil Service or local or European government.