The Science Department at Davenant currently consists of 12 teachers and four technicians.  

The department is housed in a large modern purpose built science block. We have an excellent level of resourcing for our students. For example we have a class set of laptop computers, a large amount of data logging equipment and a level of practical equipment that allows us to run a very wide range of practical and investigative work.

The Department is friendly, supportive, very professional and highly dedicated. Recent inspections of the department have shown our teaching to be consistently good and often outstanding. We are proud of the quality of our lesson planning and the excellent relationships between ourselves and the students. We offer our students an outstanding level of support including revision courses and extra lunchtime lessons.

Students at Key Stage 3 follow the Wikid Science course. The course teaches the key concepts and key processes of science in the context of the big scientific ideas which are:

  • Energy, electricity and forces
  • Chemical and material behaviour
  • Organisms, behaviour and health
  • The environment, Earth and universe

This course makes science relevant and contemporary. It is designed to produce students confident with the nature of how scientists work. There are twelve topics in year 7 and 8. In each topic the students get a role and mission for example:

  • A trainee forensic scientist, learning techniques for solving cases.
  • A nurse treating emergency patients and babies
  • An ecologist in a national park, modeling and managing the ecosystem
  • A geologist, trying to save people from volcanic eruptions

The Year 9 Wikid course is focused on providing students with the specific skills and knowledge they need to prepare them for the GCSE Science courses.

In 2016 department will introduce new syllabuses at Key Stage 4. Double Science students will study Pearson Edexcel Level 1/Level 2 GCSE (9 - 1) in Combined Science (1SC0). This syllabus will replace GCSE Science and Additional Science. The new Combined Science syllabus is a double award course.

Triple Scientists will study the separate science GCSE syllabuses Pearson Edexcel Level 1/Level 2 GCSE (9 - 1) in Biology (1BI0), Chemistry (1CH0) and Physics (1PH0).

The assessment of all these GCSEs is 100% structured exams taken at the end of year 11.

In 2016 year 11 Double Scientists will be the final year group studying Edexcel Additional Science GCSE (2SA01). The mark breakdown for these GCSEs is

•           25% Internally assessed Controlled Assessment Units which are done in lessons

•           75% Structured Exam Papers which year 11 students sit in June.

Year 11 Triple Scientists will finish the GCSEs in Biology (2BI01), Chemistry (2CH01) and Physics (2PH01) these are

•           25% Internally assessed Controlled Assessment Units which are done in lessons

•           75% Structured Exam Papers. From 2014 year 11 students will sit the three papers which cover each GCSE at the end of year 11.

In years 12-13 Biology, Chemistry and Physics are offered as three separate A Level courses. These courses have been oversubscribed for the last few years. The codes of the syllabuses we follow are as follows:

Subject Exam Board Syllabus
Biology OCR H420
Chemistry AQA 7405
Physics OCR H556

These syllabuses ate all 100% terminally assessed at the end of year 13.

In recent years’ students who have studied science A Levels at Davenant have gone on to study a huge range of courses at university. These include architecture, all types of engineering, medicine, vetnary science, forensic science, biomedical science, astrophysics, zoology, economics, dentistry, and natural science at Cambridge.